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DM Special Steel Ltd Round Bars has increased its stockholding of Grade Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars so it can better serve customers requiring good corrosion resistance steel for valves, pump components and various other marine hardware components.

Looking for Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars in various sizes and choice of finishes? Titanium Gr.2 grade is an excellent option with great thermal and physical properties compared to similar steel grades. DM Special Steel Ltd carries Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars in all shapes including rounds, hexagons, squares and flats, and we can cut the round bars into your desired lengths.

Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars are one of our stock held items and can be delivered worldwide. Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars are produced by a combination of the techniques of rolling and forging. While the bars are being forged they are continuously rotated to create an even surface across the bar. This has the benefits of having the precision engineering required from a rolled bar and the strength provided in a forged bar.

Stocks of the most popular sizes ranging from 5mm to 25mm have been boosted to improve delivery times and help ensure highly competitive prices. Buy standard stock of Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars or cut your material to length online for low trade prices, select the size and length Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars you require using the dimension table. With a high amount of Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars is commonly used for applications where flame hardening is utilized for surface hardness. The properties of Titanium Gr.2 steel make it ideal for many quench and temper heat treatment, forming and machining uses.

DM Special Steel Ltd has 1500 Tonnes of Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars in its modern warehouse

DM Special Steel Ltd has 1500 Tonnes of Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars & similar materials in its modern warehouse

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Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars Specifications

Titanium Gr.2
DIN 3.7035
UNS R50400

Titanium Grade 2 is an unalloyed, medium strength titanium product. This titanium grade is used in airframes, aircraft engines, and marine parts; good weldability and corrosion resistance are its distinguishing characteristics.

Subcategory: Metal; Nonferrous Metal; Titanium Alloy; Unalloyed/Modified Titanium

Close Analogs: Titanium Grades 1,2,3,4,7,11,and 12 are all considered unalloyed and have similar mechanical properties.

Key Words: ASTM Grade 2; UNS R50400, CP titanium, C.P. titanium alloy

Component    Wt. %
C Max 0.1
Fe Max 0.3
H Max 0.015
N Max 0.03
O Max 0.25
Ti 99.2

Material Notes: 
Information provided by Allvac and the references.

Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars weight calculations

Test Certificate
Mill Test Certificate as per EN 10204 / 3.1B

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Types of Titanium Gr.2 Round Bars

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Machining (CNC), Centreless Grinding (CG), Heat Treatment, Annealed, Pickled, Polish, Rolling, Forging, Cutting, Bending, Minor Fabrication etc.

We can supply Titanium Gr.2 in round, flat, square, rectangular and hexagonal etc. While stocks of standard qualities and sizes are available for immediate delivery, the company can also supply special demands for forged rings, blanks and blocks.

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